In Search Of God!

Rev. Benjamin Moore

Religion without science is blind.
Science without religion is lame."

Albert Einstein

     This guide explores answers to these and other age-old questions:

     Questions about God, hell, heaven, rebirth, and their relationship to realization, enlightenment, and spirituality, have occupied our minds for centuries in one form or another.  In this guide you will find answers to these and many more questions.
     Religions and prophets have been preaching about God, hell and heaven for centuries, and millions of people have cultivated belief in these phenomena. The revolution of science and technology in this century has forced many of us to reevaluate the doctrines and tenets received through our religious traditions. Should we believe in creation or should we believe in evolution? Should we believe in heaven, and His court of justice when we look up in the sky or should we believe in the space, the planets, and the galaxies up there?  This guide will provide information about these conflicting views and leave you wiser and peaceful.  By improved state of mind or spiritual state of mind or sharpening your faith, this guide will add an extra dimension to everyday life.

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