By Jonathan Reed

     With vegetarianism getting so much good and bad press, test your knowledge about the myth and reality of a vegetarian diet before you consider buying this guide.


Answer the following questions as myth (M) or reality (R) and check your answers at the end.

  1. Vegetarian foods cannot provide complete protein.
  2. People become vegetarians due to religious and humanitarian reasons only, and the vegetarian movement is a kind of cult.
  3. Over 75% of deaths in the U.S. that occur from heart ailments, stroke, and cancer can be reduced by adopting a vegetarian diet.
  4. Green and yellow vegetables are helpful against cancer related to smoking.
  5. Living exclusively on vegetables and fruits may cause deficiency of vitamins B12 and D.
  6. Vegetarian foods are almost completely lacking in fat and cholesterol.
  7. Vegetarians cannot compete in sports with meat eaters.
  8. Our digestive tract and teeth are more suitable for plant foods.
  9. Appropriate consumption of vegetarian foods can meet calcium requirements.
  10. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains provide an excessive amount of carbohydrates which fatten us.

ANSWERS: (1) M; (2) M; (3) R; (4) R; (5) R; (6) R; (7) M; (8) R; (9) R; (10) M.

     This guide will provide scientific explanations to the above and 40 more questions.  In addition, it describes what is vegetarianism and why one should consider a vegetarian diet for health and disease control. The guide also contains vegetarian meal plans and sample menus.  You will have a fresh insight towards fruits and vegetables and will be able to enjoy a long disease-free life, full of health and vigor.

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