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In Search of God: The God of Spirituality

There is one Universal energy that we call God, Allah, Ram, Parmatma, Hari, Lord of the Universe, Nature or any other name we choose. That energy is constant; it can neither be created nor destroyed. However, this energy can convert into matter and matter can convert back into energy. Therefore, everything is created out of this energy and goes back into this energy. All matter is a form created from formless Energy, and the creativity is infinite and method of self-creativity is a real wonder when we look at the creation and growth of living organisms. A scientist cannot deny the feeling of being startled at Nature's absolutely phenomenal and the most intelligent work of self-creation into all the complicated life forms including a human being through a greatly thoughtful and organized manner. This reminds me Albert Einstein when he said: " God does not play dice with the world." We may rephrase the above revelation that " The Creator is in the Creation, and the Creation is in the Creator. " That is the ultimate truth.

The one who realizes this truth have no enmity. Because we are created from the same source. "If we don't see God in all, we cannot see God at all." If we don't see others as an enemy, then there is also no fear. Fear is the product of others. One who realizes this truth is not only without enmity and fear, but is not afraid of getting old or of dying young. Also not afraid of reincarnation or hell or heaven. But such realization comes only to few who are blessed and try hard to realize this truth.

Another way to look at the same point of view is: Many of us have been asking what is God: "We spend too much time in believing what we don't know. Those who believe in God; God is the very core of our being, it is like peeling an onion and reaching that central nothingness, which is God. The whole is God." The universe and God are one. There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity. All life is one; therefore, there cannot be God and man, nor a universe and God. A god not in the world is a false god, and a world not in God is unreal. All things return to one, and one operates in all.

That is why God and spiritual man including all the prophets and saints may represent reflections of God. This metaphor/simile may help us understand. God is one like a moon. However, there may be numerous reflections of moon in pitchers full of water. We are like water pitchers representing reflections. When a pitcher breaks down the reflection is gone but moon is there. Just like this metaphor God is real and immortal but we including prophets come and go (because material aspect of energy is not permanent). Therefore no prophet is God. Because God is one and only one who is neither born nor dies. That is why we can say that God does not come in anthropomorphic form.

Parts From "Faith and Reason: In Search of God"

"The language of the head is words. 
The language of the heart is love. 
The language of the soul is silence."  

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