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FOR EVER YOUNG: How To Fight Aging Process

Before you can prevent, slow or reverse them--Recognize Signs of Aging that may include: (1) Decreased lung function (2) Change in pupil size-indicated by reduced illumination or decreased ability to focus (3) Bone loss (4) Sleep variations (5) Physiological changes that are mostly familiar to us--wrinkled skin, loss of stature, poor blood circulation, decreased short-term memory and other sensory loss.

Here're few suggestions to control signs of aging and to keep young for ever:

  • Common sense tips based on aging theories: (1) Use antioxidants such as Vitamins E and C, and Selenium (2) Lower polyunsaturated (vegetable oils) fat in diet (3) Diet to slow autoimmune aging (4) Consume Nucleic Acids (DNA, RNA) to repair age-related damage. (5) Use of Melatonin (non-prescription hormone that body produces naturally but its production declines with age) is promising -- but we're not sure about long term effects.
  • Adopt the Life Style associated with Longevity--regular exercise, low fat diet, no smoking, moderate drinking, sleeping seven or eight hours-but not less than six or more than nine, using mental abilities, discipline, altruism, optimism, spiritual faith and above all love of life.
  • Other common sense tips include: active life-having a reason for living, an active sex life, controlling stress, good marriage and social life, proper use of lungs, intercostal muscles, and diaphragm for proper deep Breathing to Slow Aging.
  • Keep Young with Biochemicals that are SAFE and NATURAL such as certain vitamins, and enzymes--many of them are present in natural foods.

Source: "FOREVER YOUNG" amzn.to/1eHWKA2 goo.gl/Azrj9X

"We don't quit playing because we grow old; We grow old because we quit playing." "F YOUNG" amzn.to/1eHWKA2 goo.gl/Azrj9X

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