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How can we stay away from junk food? 
October 1, 2007

You ever wonder: How can we stay away from junk food?

Wouldn't it be a million dollar trick if we can do it. It will solve America's number one problem. The junk food that is one of the major reasons for obesity and related diseases. Yes, it is possible according to this book. Here's a brief account what it says:
When you eat junk food; do kapalbhati just after eating the food to a count 10 or maximum 20? It really works. Be careful not to overdo it. You can end up with upset stomach. You read quite a detailed account about this technique.

This is a very unique book about weight loss that combines stomach exercises and breathing based on scientific evidence.

The author Dr. Dhillon is known to combine the best of Eastern traditions with Western Scientific knowledge because he has an advanced degree in science in the west at Yale University in USA and earlier education in the East at Punjab University in India. He has put this unique experience in about 12 guides combining Eastern and Western approach to health from happiness to longevity.

In this 49 cent amazon short you have nothing to lose except weight. Try it. It is well worth.   


Health, Happiness, & Longevity: 
Eastern and Western Approach
September 26, 2006

By  Deepak Chopra (USA) - 
"Health, Happiness, & Longevity" presents a totally fresh approach to "total-wellbeing" where Dr. Dhillon uses his knowledge of science from the West, and yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. His unique qualifications include advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from Yale University in the West, and his earlier education and experience with yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. He uses his knowledge to the fullest and truly presents a synthesis of Eastern and Western health-management approaches, a subtitle of the book..

His skillful use of scientific knowledge makes this very different from reading a medical guide to keep us healthy and energetic. He gives scientific reasons to use yoga, meditation, breathing and spirituality not only a natural approach to handle weight and stress but to empower yourself emotionally. A rare blend that combines science and ancient wisdom.

Easterner or Westerner, the reader will have a fresh perspective about handling the weight, nutrition, exercise and total wellbeing. It is easy to read book that changes your outlook towards health. It's a book about health care and not disease care in contrast to multi-billion dollar government program called health care which in reality is a disease care program.

The author has taken the facts from various sources and created a blend of science and natural ways to stay healthy and energetic. But you don't find miracles and supernatural powers which will be against his scientific training. Health, Happiness,& Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach is a practical guide that combines various eating habits, yogic and breathing approaches known for centuries to faith healers and health experts, and are now recognized by modern medical practitioners.

The book consists of nine chapters each representing an independent topic:
Chapter 1, A Healthy Attitude Towards a Happy Life;
Chapter 2, Full Living;
Chapter 3, Nutrition and Nutrients;
Chapter 4, Weight Control and Calories;
Chapter 5, The Natural Diet;
Chapter 6, Slow Down Aging to Lead a Long and Healthy Life;
Chapter 7, Complete Breathing for Vigor and Vitality;
Chapter 8, Walking and Yogic Exercises for Health;
Chapter 9, Concluding Remarks.
The chapters precede by preface and introduction, and are followed by "Natural-Vegetarian Diet Recipes" and other Appendices A to G, Bibliography, and Information 'About the Author'.

The book provides various studies and statistics on "high cost of health" and suggests that health care is a necessity to handle disease care.

"Health, Happiness, & Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach" is written in times of much needed Eastern-Western approach to global issues, where the modern-day reader can learn from the best of both worlds. This book fulfills that purpose well. He takes ancient techniques of the East, and relates them to everyday living in 21st century of science and technology. Dr. Dhillon not only points out the weight and health-issues as a modern day problem, but provides logical solutions. So it's a good source of information for handling weight and other health issues by yourself without going to expensive seminars, wellness centers, medical offices, spas, schools, or retirement centers.

Dr. Dhillon has laid the foundation stone for scientific evaluation of ancient Eastern wisdom. This book can help discover the universal nature of mind-body potential for the benefit of emerging global society of the twenty-first century.

Every individual with interest in weight control, nutrition, exercise, Yoga, breathing, meditation must have this valuable book in its collection.

Book is still Available from the amazon and other places and is a collectible item for a health-conscious reader. 


A New Look at Vegetarianism: 
Its Positive Effects on Health and Disease Control 
October 22, 2006

"A New Look at Vegetarianism" contains various aspects of plant-based, or meatless, diets. It provides not only economical, cultural, biological and evolutionary viewpoints but also modern perspectives on health promotion and disease prevention. The author of over dozen books, Dr. Dhillon's unique qualifications include advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from Yale University in the West, and his earlier education and experience with vegetarianism as a part of culture, yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. He uses his knowledge to the fullest and truly presents a synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to diet and nutrition. The overall impression the book leaves is that vegetarian diets are safe, palatable, healthy, and nutritionally sound.

The material is presented succinctly, with good use of tables, and is referenced appropriately. In Chapter-1, vegetarian diets are classified as lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, or vegan, respectively, if they include dairy products, eggs, both dairy products and eggs, or no animal products at all. Lacto-ovo- or lacto-vegetarians, diets can be followed without much concern about nutrition even in growing children, whereas children who are vegans may require attention and may have slower growth even if they are in good health.

In a discussion of nutrients of concern in vegetarian diets, the author concludes that appropriately planned vegan or lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets can be nutritionally adequate. There is concern about the adequacy of vitamin B12 and D in vegans in general, but these needs can be met by food fortification.

In Chapter-4 health-promoting phytochemicals (beyond the traditional nutrients) provide information about the food and herbal sources that can be used against cancer, heart problems, and even to live-longer. Whether phytochemicals or otherwise, the book recommends that whole foods rather than juices and supplements be consumed for the best protection against disease or even irregularity.

The discussion of vegetarian diets in relation to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and disease-specific guidelines (for heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer) concludes that these recommendations promote the eating of more unrefined grains, fruits, and vegetables and the reduction of the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol (present in all animal products and in no plants) -- a diet that overlaps with vegetarian eating patterns. The dietary guidelines concludes that ``present knowledge suggests that diets rich in plant foods with small or minimal amounts of animal foods may be the remedy for modern life-style diseases.'' Dietary guidelines for vegetarians could be developed with the aim of promoting the consumption of a variety and abundance of plant foods; primarily unrefined and minimally processed plant foods; optional dairy products, eggs, or both; and a generous amount of water and other fluids.

There are historical references to "vegetarianism" as a religious practice in the East and John Harvey Kellogg in the West, a 20th-century Seventh-Day Adventist who was trained as a physician and operated a Seventh-Day Adventist Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. He developed meat substitutes and other vegetarian health foods, including the breakfast cereals that have immortalized the family name worldwide.
The book includes appendices: Quiz on myth and reality of vegetarianism, Nutritionally balanced vegetarian menus, and Vegetarian diet recipes.

Every individual with interest in weight control, nutrition, health maintenance, disease prevention must have this valuable book in its collection.

Book is still Available from the amazon-usa and other places and is a collectible item for a health-conscious reader.  


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