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Banish Belly and Lose Weight:
In Just 5 Minutes A Day  

My Personal Experience  

      My personal experience is what prompted me to write this guide.  I am in my sixties and live in North Carolina on East Coast.  I visit my son every 3 or 4 months who lives on West coast in Northern California - San Francisco Bay area.  During each visit I gain between 4 to 8 pounds depending on the length of stay.  During last visit from December 20, 2006 to January 15, 2007 my weight went to 166.2 pounds which was about 8 pounds more and this time during my visit between March 30 to April 10, 2007, it was 162.8 pounds which was about 4 pounds more than my usual weight of 158 pounds.  During my last visit I brought down to my normal weight by increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrate amount in my diet.  My exercise schedule was about the same.  

      It is during this April visit when I tested my new technique described in this guide.  Although it was only 11 days visit but again I weighed about 4 pounds extra.  I reached back in North Carolina middle of night, the next day as usual I weighed myself and it was 162.8 pounds.  In the next 7 days I changed nothing in terms of diet or exercise but used this technique that I am giving in this book. My weight started to come down everyday (even when I was using my usual optimum diet and exercise) except one day that it went from 159.2 to 159.8 pounds.  I usually donít drink by myself but happened to have 2 gatherings where I did took some alcohol.  Alcohol is OK but not good during weight loss program.  My weight on April 17, 2007, almost exactly after one-week was 158 pounds.  I donít know how much will be fat but my belt went down almost one-notch.   I do understand that there will be some water loss. But  I donít hesitate to call it a miracle technique for reducing belly and losing weight.  The most effective among any method I have tested or written about weight loss.

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